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Get the Experience, Knowledge, and Discipline to Help You Navigate Your Ideal Financial Future.

As a professional or executive, your priorities change as you progress through your life and career stages. At each stage, you want the peace of mind that you have a trusted financial professional by your side. As your personal CFO, your LRVS wealth advisors will analyze your unique priorities and situation and prepare a thorough plan of action for your review and execution.

With your approval for execution, we establish a system of professional oversight, to increase your confidence at each step of the process.

Below are a few of our comprehensive wealth management services to help you build, protect, and sustain your wealth.

Wealth Planning Services

Financial Planning

Financial  Planning

Your Financial Journey Your Way

We start by understanding and assessing your current situation; taking the time to fully clarify your specific investment needs and objectives and identify opportunities and roadblocks. Then, we design your personal investment and wealth management strategy and provide a way forward.
Wealth Management

Wealth Management

Built Around Your Goals, Family & Life

We help you analyze the risk and return of financial decisions. What are the tax implications? What alternative investments are available? We then integrate your financial plan with on-going portfolio management to achieve your short and long term personal and financial goals.

Company Benefit Planning

Company Benefit Planning

Ensuring a Unified Investment Strategy

We help you simplify and manage the complexities inherent in company benefits and stock options. Situations like executive compensation packages and business partnerships often complicate traditional financial planning strategies. We take a holistic approach and focus on key pillars: Maximizing your rewards, potentially minimizing taxes, planning for others, managing risk, and achieving financial independence and confidence.
Retirement Planning & Insurance Solutions

Retirement Planning & Insurance Solutions

Ensuring You are Covered

We simplify the retirement transition process to help avoid surprises, plan for the long and short term, and explain and provide options to ensure you get the right tax-mitigation strategies and insurance coverage for you and your family – Protecting your personal assets, your family, and yourself.

Sudden Wealth Management

Sudden Wealth Management

Measured New Fortune Strategy

LRVS advises and supports you and your family when you experience sudden wealth events and help you develop a strategy to make the most of the fortune and develop a financial and investment plan that aligns with your goals.
Divorce Planning

Divorce Planning

Financial Advisor to Navigate Divorce

Guidance, planning, and expertise to help you navigate divorce. With LRVS, you can be assured you’re working with financial advisors who understand all the intricacies of state marriage laws and asset evaluation and help you create a financial plan to confidently move forward.

When Do You Need to
Hire a Wealth Manager?

If you fit into a higher-net-worth category, typically above $250,000, $500,000 or $1 million, you might consider using a wealth manager, depending upon your knowledge with financial management and the complexity of your financial situation. There are different schools of thought as to when you may need a wealth or investment advisor. We recommend hiring one when your financial situation becomes more complicated, such as when you receive an inheritance from a parent or you want to increase your retirement funds, or you are trying to juggle various priority objectives.

When you hire LRVS, you can always expect professionalism, integrity, financial acumen, clear communication, and transparency.

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No Matter Where You Are in Your Life and Career Journey, We Are Here to Guide You

While juggling your varied commitments– a demanding career, college-ready teenagers, aging parents, corporate retirement benefits programs, and more– you may wonder if you’re managing your finances as you should:

  • Are you missing anything?
  • Are you taking advantage of all available opportunities?
  • Do you have the right mix of investments and insurance plans?
  • Are you maximizing your wealth and minimizing your risks at the same time?

Our team of financial professionals is solely focused on helping you achieve your goals as any time in your life.

From Wealth Building, Juggling Multiple Priorities, Preparing for Retirement, or Leaving a Legacy, LRVS’s Mission Is to Help You in Every Stage.

The LRVS Group team of financial advisors take a holistic approach when managing your wealth. Using our financial planning process coupled with more than 50 years of combined experience, we help diagnose and prescribe the right solutions for you and your family. But we don’t stop there, we aim to be your personal CFO throughout your life. Whether it’s changing jobs and 401k rollover, planning college education for your children, refinancing your mortgage, preparing for retirement, or planning to leave your legacy. LRVS becomes your financial concierge guiding you along your path to your dream life.

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If you’re looking for a strong relationship with fiduciary financial advisors in your own quest for peace of mind, let’s start a conversation today.

Common Questions about Wealth Management Services

A fiduciary wealth advisor has a bond of trust with each client and must avoid conflicts of interest. Fiduciary advisors are bound to truly recommend investments that are in the best interest of the client regardless of their personal compensation structure. At LRVS, we have a fiduciary advisory relationship with you, our client, and are committed and honored to represent your best interests in every situation. We are also held by the Fiduciary Standard and Certified Financial Planners (CFP) code of ethics.