LRVS Wealth Advisors - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

We are registered Fiduciary Advisors. We are legally bound to act in our client’s best interest to provide the best financial options for our clients even if we don’t receive direct benefit or compensation for our recommendations.

We’ve helped hundreds of families with a connection to these industries and understand the complexities that are involved and require careful planning. We’ve worked with clients at every stage of the bio life cycle from start-up to IPO to mature pharmaceutical company, helping our clients as they progress in their career paths.

We evaluate your benefit package and work with you to develop a plan that includes all of your investments and other forms of equity compensation including ongoing stock liquidations. With our comprehensive experience working with professionals, their challenges and opportunities, we help you make the most informed decisions at each step and provide you with a whole new level of clarity and control.

Clients lean on us to act as their Family CFO. Our personal concierge approach to wealth management includes introducing a team of outside professionals of accountants, mortgage consultants, estate attorneys and insurance brokers to ensure that every aspect of wealth management and financial planning is integrated into your overall plan.

A financial advisor helps create an overall wealth management strategy so that you can grow your investments, plan for the future and plan tax strategies for the day when you sell or move to another company or retire.

The financial planning process:

  1. Introductory meetings: We start our process with an introductory meeting where we can get to know each other and determine if our services are a good fit for your situation.
  2. Discovery meeting: An opportunity for us to ask detailed questions, discuss financial goals, opportunities, threats, and potential strategies.
  3. Plan Presentation: We will present a plan based on your goals and our recommendations. You will have an opportunity to ask questions or express concerns.
  4. Finalize and Implementation: Final plan is set! If applicable, accounts are moved, and final steps are taken.
  5. Systematic Review: Depending on your plan, we meet episodically to review plan and edit as needed. No matter what, we are always available to chat!
Every client relationship is different but typically our clients pay a flat annual fee for financial planning. In addition, should our clients engage us for investment advisory services we utilize a tiered fee structure based on assets held under our management. We are committed to educating, planning, and managing your financial well-being for today and tomorrow.

LRVS is an advisory team within McAdam Financially Advanced. LRVS was founded by former site leaders with expertise in guiding executives in the biotech, pharma, and life sciences sectors. The LRVS Advisory group of McAdam Financially Advanced is a group of top level McAdam  financial advisors.