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We believe you shouldn’t have to wait until retirement to start living life on your terms. That’s why LRVS Advisory Group, a wealth management firm in Boston, helps forward-thinking professionals like you build a plan around your goals, family, and life. Live confidently today, knowing our financial advisors have you on the path to more flexibility, freedom, and accomplishment tomorrow.

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72 Sharp Street Suite A-9,
Hingham, MA 02043

Leading Wealth Management Firm in Boston for Professionals and Executives

Wealth Advisors in Boston

From State Street to Sharp Street, Boston to Hingham, LRVS Advisory Group has made a name for itself by focusing on two distinct groups of people: Professionals seeking to accumulate wealth over a financial journey for their family and executives and professionals who can see retirement within the next 10 years.

The problem? Carrying the burden of managing investments and juggling financial goals on their own has become too much. If that sounds familiar to you, be honest: Has focusing so much on your finances pulled you away from spending precious time with the people, career and passions you love?

Even before you select a wealth management firm in Boston or its outlying areas, if you’ve decided to delegate oversight of your financial assets, you’re in the right neighborhood of where your mindset needs to be.

Make a Far More Informed Decision at Every Turn

We’re ready to help you balance your personal, professional, and financial directions in life by using a unique approach that integrates all three seamlessly, our comprehensive Financial Planning Approach.  Combine this comprehensive system with LRVS’ in-depth experience advising professionals and an opportunity is created for customized answers to a specific situation every time. Including yours. Let’s take a closer look at the best features of our platform and people to serve you:

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  • Advanced investment strategies

  • Comprehensive financial planning

  • Investment advisors with industry certifications

  • Knowledge of global research and insights

  • Short-term trend strategies

  • Opportunities in emerging markets

  • Alternative financial products 

  • Long-term hedge strategies

  • Industry/sector risk analysis

Personal Wealth Growth Icon
  • Life insurance strategies

  • Education planning

  • Family trust planning

  • Comprehensive estate planning

  • Retirement lifestyle planning

  • Succession planning strategies

  • Specialized income portfolio planning

  • Unique health concerns

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  • Career trajectories

  • Company transitions

  • Compensation packages

  • Stock options strategies

  • Entrepreneurial ventures

  • Liquidity Events

  • Participation in capital markets

Wealth Planning & Management Financial Services Near Boston

The financial decisions you make now could have a big impact later on. Yet, between estate plans and savings plans, not to mention everything else related to career and family, how are you supposed to manage so many different aspects of wealth management?

Maybe you don’t have to.

LRVS Advisory Group stands apart from other wealth management firms in Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods by not only providing you with someone who understands this area of planning but can also speak comfortably across all the different aspects of finances: Retirement. Investments. Company Benefits. Taxes. Insurance. Annuities. Estate planning. And more.

What’s more, it’s refreshing to have an advisor who guides you toward the best plan for your goals and supplies financial information in real-world language in one sitting. That’s right. No fragmented financial data without context or complicated industry speak here. It’s something about us that a lot of people tend to appreciate. Especially those who are already pulled in many directions have limited time to spend on a conversation about financial assets and even less time for a cookie-cutter approach to accumulating wealth.

Protecting what you have while creating sustainable wealth. One relationship with a very different kind of wealth manager makes this best of both worlds entirely possible.

There’s often a feeling of complexity and overwhelm that happens the moment you have any kind of substantial career advancement and suddenly have to decide among all the benefits options within those companies too. And experiencing that level of confusion doesn’t feel like you’re moving up.

Fortunately, by turning to the trusted advisors at LRVS, you never have to navigate benefits planning alone. With LRVS Advisory Group as your partner in planning, you can focus on your professional development first and foremost. At the same time, we take a proactive approach to using your employee benefits in a way that can help you successfully reach your goals.

Our services in company benefits planning include:

  • 401(k) strategies
  • Stock options strategies
  • Comprehensive insurance planning
  • Deferred compensation strategies

You’ve been trying to handle questions and answers about social security, Medicare, pension options, long-term care costs, 401(k) distributions, minimizing tax liabilities, and more for far too long. It’s time you freed yourself from doing your own benefits analysis and brought aboard an advisor who has built a reputation for helping professionals like you plan, evolve, and thrive.

Consequently, you can spend more quality time with the people whose benefit to your life is beyond measure.

Financial Planning Designed for
Boston Residents

No matter where you are in life, you want a financial plan to ensure the assets you accumulate will last well into retirement, providing you with an income stream that enables you to maintain your lifestyle. You may be 10 years away from that or 25 years away from that, but the need to make smart financial decisions based on risk and return will always be vital at any stage.

That’s where having a trusted financial advisor from LRVS to guide your financial journey makes sense for who you are now and where you’re headed once all the critical factors are added in.

Our advisors at LRVS will:

  • Clarify your specific investment needs and objectives
  • Identify opportunities and roadblocks
  • Design your investment and wealth management strategy
  • Provide a way forward

Part of us being your “family’s CFO” means introducing the proper high-quality support in other areas beyond our professional services. So we recommend estate planning attorneys, family law attorneys and CPAs to help create a more integrated financial plan that fits you and only you.

Just as importantly, you can stop second-guessing whether you’re neglecting your finances. Because now, you have someone who never will.

Insurance Planning that Has It All

Family. Personal assets. Your life. All of these deserve the utmost protection. However the strategies for that style of protection can be quite varied. Where do you even begin? You can start by granting LRVS Advisory Group permission to simplify your life and your decisions on it.

Our comprehensive insurance planning isn’t merely produced for goals to protect in the long-term such as life insurance. After all, life is happening as we speak. So having concrete answers on your insurance should apply to the short-term too. Like unique health concerns you or a family member might currently be dealing with.

Talking out the insurance options with an LRVS wealth advisor can result in real solutions for professionals and executives or business owners. And the right coverage for what you and your family need when you need it most.


Boston Isn’t a Place Where We Work

Wealth Management Firm in Boston - Our Team

It’s Who We Are and Have Always Been

Some may think of the Boston area as a great place to go to college, move to, and raise a family. Well, it is. But for Patrick Lawler, Tucker Roeder, and Jeff Van Siclen, it’s always been home.

When your roots go that deep, it inspires you to bring something special and profoundly dedicated to the way you help others plan for the future.

You don’t just see people as your clients. You see your work as building a community of more successful professionals who will continue to grow their careers here, accumulate wealth for their goals here and create businesses they can hand down to a new generation here.

For so many reasons, there’s no place we’d rather be.

Meet Patrick, Tucker, Jeff, and the rest of our talented team at LRVS Advisory Group here.

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Juggling Your Financial Goals Case Study

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