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Perspective And Balance Are Never More Important Than Right Now.

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Sudden wealth can be a profound change to one’s bank account but that’s not the actual impact we witness most often. Rather, it’s the profound change to the investor mindset that occurs and the strategies resulting from such sudden wealth – most of them rarely being sound.

In fact, sudden wealth’s influence is so pronounced on people that complex emotions quickly take a toll. You may feel a loss of identity in who you are if you become suddenly wealthy. Guilt may set in over your change in circumstances. You could experience extreme fear at the thought of losing your new found wealth.

What Is considered Sudden Wealth?

The following are examples of common liquidity events that could result in sudden wealth:

  • Liquidity Event From an IPO

  • Selling a Business 

  • Receiving Inheritance or Trust Fund Distribution

  • Winning the Lottery

LRVS sudden wealth advisors support individuals and families experiencing sudden wealth events by developing a strategy to make the most of their newfound fortune through a financial and investment plan that aligns with your goals for today and the future.

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How Will Sudden Wealth Change You? Very Little if We Have a Say in it.

It’s a good thing LRVS has a wealth of knowledge of how to not only deal with sudden wealth but devise outstanding financial strategies as a result of it. In our view, the last thing any investor needs to do is make radical, drastic changes to their financial portfolio and sudden wealth is no different.

That’s why, even before we speak on what tactical approaches to take, LRVS assembles its team of trusted advisors to help you process what this new and sudden wealth means, so you can better manage your emotions before making critical spending and investment decisions.

What Investments Should You Consider in Light of Your New Found Fortune?

Obviously, every situation can be incredibly different. Working closely with you, our team will help you consider the tax, liability and investment risks that accompany a new and substantial injection of wealth. That includes areas to store large cash infusions and inheritances in the short-term to provide the safety and security you need prior to making any kind of investment decision related to it.

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Our approach to sudden wealth like much of our strategies in wealth management – involves making your money last. It’s not about throwing out a plan and starting from scratch but thoughtfully evolving an existing plan to factor in this new component.

Your wealth advisor will work with you and other professionals such as accountants, attorneys, estate planners, etc. in a coordinate fashion to consider and affectively address risk, taxes, investment options, diversification strategy, and more. The outcome is a well-coordinated and thought-out wealth management plan for today and tomorrow.

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Why Do You Need a Sudden Wealth Management Advisor?

Sudden wealth windfalls are transformative and have an impact of every aspect of your financial, personal, and emotional balance. Typically, you need to assemble a team of professionals to support you through the sudden wealth process. Your LRVS wealth advisor acts as your family CFO to formulate a coordinated strategic roadmap.

Sudden wealth doesn’t have to change a person, but there are plenty of examples of where it does. According to the National Endowment for Financial Education, 70% of people who come into sudden money lose all their money within a few years. Not just the winnings. Everything. 

People who come into sudden wealth make it a point to say that underneath all the dollars, they’re still the same people they’ve always been. Let’s ensure you have a financial strategy with the balance and consistency to reflect precisely that sentiment.

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Talk to LRVS today about a no-obligatory confidential consultation on sudden wealth and any other new elements of financial planning you’re unexpectedly challenged to incorporate sooner rather than later.

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