Biotech Investment Advisors for Biotech Professionals and Executives

LRVS Advisory Group specializes in providing biotech wealth management services and investment planning in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and life sciences sectors. LRVS clients are individuals biotech, pharma, and life science professionals who manage the growth and viability of their companies while ensuring they have a healthy financial plan to retire.

As independent registered investment advisors based near Boston, we provide comprehensive financial planning services to clients in a tailored, highly responsive, and objective manner. We are solely and completely focused on your best interests—not on selling you products or services.

The mission of our fiduciary advisors is to help you reach your financial goals by providing sophisticated financial planning and insightful advice about:

taxes and tax planning, liquidity events, equity compensation, estate planning, investing and retirement planning.

We believe that having a holistic wealth strategy is vital in each client’s life.

Fiduciary Financial Advisors and Collaborative Problem Solvers

As your personal family CFO, your wealth advisor helps you grow your family’s wealth and protect it from taxes. Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience helping families and businesses manage their complex financial lives and formulate a plan for their wealth creation, preservation, transfer, and management.

Taxes and Tax Planning, Liquidity Events, Equity Compensation, Estate Planning, Investing and Retirement Planning.

We believe that having a holistic wealth strategy is vital in each client’s life.

Biotech Investment Planning for Pharma & Life Sciences

Retirement Planning for Biotech, Pharma, and Life Sciences

Taking the Complexity Out of Managing the Financial Challenges. Your Personal Financial Concierge.

Biotech executives and professionals hire us to listen, analyze, be the voice of reason, and execute. They trusted us with their complex financial lives, including all the moving parts: taxes, stock options, blackout periods, executive compensation, risk management, investments, college funding, trust and estate planning, etc. Clients receive an integrated, well-executed wealth growth and preservation plan that aligns with their expectations.

These are some of the areas that LRVS closely evaluates in every wealth management portfolio to ensure our clients are protected and every aspect reflects the best possible financial outcome:

  • Guidance and Management Around Company Equity

  • Trading During Blackout Windows (Utilizing 10B5-1 Plan)

  • Tax Management for Acquiring and Disposing of Company Stock ISO, RSU’s, ESPP

  • Evaluation of Compensation Packages to Assist in Negotiations in a Sector Where Job and Company Changes Are Frequent

  • Personalized Optimization of 401K Allocation

  • Guidance With Pre-IPO Stock Options

  • Support Through Your Career Transitions

  • Customized Solutions for Clients Who Also Own Other Properties Such as Family Businesses or Real Estate Holdings.

Customized Biotech Wealth Services for Investing & Retirement Planning

As a biotech, pharma, or life sciences professional, you spend your life doing research, improving the quality of care, saving lives, and solving the world’s most complex problems. You may also be raising a family, putting your children through college, or managing a variety of personal objectives. With all those responsibilities and their complexity, where do you have time to pay attention to financial matters and personal wealth?

You have endless financial options to think about, including company benefit programs, executive compensation, retirement, stock options and restricted stock units, estate plans and more. Here are a few of the questions we help you navigate through:

  • Do you have the time, training, or temperament to implement the right financial strategy?

  • Do you understand your executive compensation and how to get the most after-tax value out of grants or stock options, or when is the best time to exercise your stock options?

  • Are you holding too much company stock in your portfolio and risking a huge loss if your stock dramatically drops?

  • How do you make sound financial decisions and evaluate your options as you make career changes?

  • Is your 401k allocation adequate?

While each of our biotech clients has unique needs, they all have one thing in common: the desire to manage diverse financial priorities and live comfortably today while planning for a prosperous financial future.

Our Team of investment advisors has a track record of success in providing biotech wealth management services in the biotech, pharma, and life sciences sectors. We understand your needs and challenges and stand ready to help you create the optimal life you deserve.

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