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Retirement Planning

Securing Your Future: Expert Retirement Planning for Boston Professionals

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“If the Market Becomes a Roller Coaster,

What Does That Mean for Our Retirement Lifestyle?”

You didn’t work this hard to come up just a bit short of creating the life in retirement you’ve dreamed of. Or worse, running out of money in retirement and being forced to drastically shift your life’s plans – which is the #1 fear that keeps pending retirees up at night.

It doesn’t get any easier if you have multiple accounts acquired over time and spread out. Or other trusted advisors such as your attorney and accountant rarely communicate with one another.

Fortunately, for our team at LRVS, the outcome of making your money last in retirement at a consistent level isn’t as challenging for us to picture. Especially with a 4-step process in which we:

  1. Identify Your Needs
  2. Identify Your Wants
  3. Identify Sources of Income
  4. Identify How to Fill in the Gaps
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Retirement Balancing Act Case Study

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Planning for Your Retirement Needs so that You Can Retire With Confidence

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As a result of the proper retirement planning with an LRVS Retirement Income Advisor, you’ll find we can build a financial plan that maximizes your diverse benefits, options and compensation packages. And that can go a long way toward not only keeping your income level well-maintained but even protecting against outliving your retirement assets, while taking into account inflation, the rising cost of care, and longer life expectancy.

Here are the types of components LRVS is using in our retirement planning to help bring a future of sustainable income during retirement ever closer to reality:

  • Addressing liquidity needs with a plan to cover short-term needs.

  • Analyzing present-day sources of income such as social security, pensions and rental income to project and protect future expected income.

  • Allocating funds to meet the long-term monetary challenges of health care costs, inflation and estate planning.

  • Utilizing a mix of employer plans, IRAs and brokerage accounts to fill income gaps.

Best of all, these actions aren’t executed purely from an LRVS Retirement Income Advisor’s perspective but through the joint authoring of a plan you can feel fully invested in as your own.

You bring the goals you want to achieve in the name of flexibility and freedom during retirement, thanks in no small part to a sustainable income. LRVS will bring highly accomplished retirement financial advisors with industry certifications, decades of combined experience, global research tools and insights based on a broad spectrum of client scenarios.

By tapping into our unique model of planning as Your Family CFO, you’ll feel the calm, comfort, and confidence that most people would never associate with retirement planning but our clients at LRVS always do.

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If that’s appealing to you, there’s more where that came from. Talk to an LRVS certified retirement financial advisor about arranging a no-obligatory confidential consultation with an experienced retirement financial advisor from our team today.

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