Helping Corporate Professionals & Executives Achieve Financial Success Today and Tomorrow

LRVS Group wealth advisors, serving as your chief financial officer (CFO), help you create and implement financial strategies to optimize your wealth. You, as the owner of your wealth, are at the forefront of every decision.

We serve high-net-worth individuals, families and corporate professionals and executives navigate every aspect of their financial wealth. We have a specialty in the Biotech, life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors. When you choose LRVS Advisory Group, you can focus more of your time on what you love and let Our team of Boston-based financial professionals optimize your wealth for you.

Why LRVS Advisory Group

Financial Planning Approach
You are so busy with work, family and life and want expert help to streamline the financial complexity in your life.
Our goal is to help our clients make wise financial decisions. We bring a holistic perspective to the planning and educational process of investment and wealth management including employer benefit analysis.
Biotech, Pharma, and Life Sciences
You work in biotech, pharma or life sciences, have complex benefit & compensation packages and want to make sound financial decisions.
There are a number of situations unique to these industries that require careful planning. At LRVS, we evaluate your benefit package and work with you to develop a plan that includes all your investments and other forms of equity compensation including ongoing stock plan management and negotiating compensation packages.
Corporate Executives And Professionals
You’re changing jobs or moving to a new company and need assistance in negotiating your compensation, benefit & severance packages to ensure nothing is overlooked.
To ensure you don’t miss out on maximizing financial opportunities, we provide advice and guidance to assist you in negotiating company benefit plans and severance packages.

How Do We Optimize the Management of Your Wealth?

We know that choosing a financial wealth advisor isn’t easy, especially in today’s complex financial environment. That’s why LRVS Advisory Group provides customized solutions to meet our clients’ objectives and needs. Our Mission is to optimize your wealth. Working by your side throughout your life journey, we offer a full range of investment and wealth management services.



Your Financial Journey
Your Way


Built Around Your
Goals, Family & Life


Ensuring You are
Benefit planning

Benefits Planning

Ensuring a Unified
Investment Strategy

Meet Your Family CFO Team

The LRVS Advisory Group of experienced fiduciary wealth advisors is devoted to helping you make the most informed decisions at each step and providing you with a whole new level of clarity and control.

Through our rigorous Wealth Financial Planning Process, your wealth advisor works with you to create customized financial plans and an investment portfolio that helps you achieve and sustain your ideal lifestyle.

Take Back Your Most Important Asset: Your Time.

Optimize Each Aspect of Your Financial Life with LRVS Advisory Group