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LRVS case studies and wealth management results
Creating a 10B5-1 Plan image

Creating a
10B5-1 Plan

  • 10B5-1 plan designed to save a significant amount in taxes
  • Provided the couple confidence in their savings goals
  • Continued monitoring and evaluation of 401K plan and other investments
  • On-going risk mitigation and adjustments for tax-mitigation
juggling your financial goals case study

Juggling Your
Financial Goals

  • Mitigated investment risk
  • Invested idle cash through a dollar-cost averaging program, outpacing inflation
  • Designed investments primarily to create a potentially tax-free retirement income
  • A comprehensive portfolio to enable children’s education and overall peace of mind
Retirement Balancing Act case study

Balancing Act

  • Determined current and future financial goals
  • Adjusted yearly savings amount to enable transition into retirement
  • Created a cash reserve for short-term needs and cushion
  • Solved income gap and reinvested in retirement funds
Young Accumulator case study


  • Young professional couple growing their family
  • Staged and sustainable saving strategy
  • Diversified portfolio and reduced the concentrated stock position
  • A strategic plan with an option to retire early

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