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There are many different parties competing for your attention these days at work and a few that deserve your undivided focus at home. With what’s left, who has time to give serious thought to finances?

Even if you had time, be honest: Would you have the energy and expertise to create a diversified investment strategy for the current market, a potential tax reduction plan or optimize your employee/executive benefits plan? Probably not. This may explain why you haven’t been able to pay a great deal of attention to the financial area of your life.

The Next Career Transition Is Coming

The Next Career Transition Is Coming.
We’re Ready. Are You?

Here’s where that becomes even more difficult to ignore: If the next phase of your career is coming anytime soon, and may involve a company change, a business exit or IPO or liquidity event, you can’t ignore the importance of planning wisely.

In fact, the strategy for any kind of career transition is going to require more than saving monthly for retirement or your child’s college fund. It calls for such things as:

  • Tax Planning Prior to IPO or Company Sale

  • Gifting Strategies to Maintain Family Wealth

  • Evaluating Compensation & Benefits Packages

  • Estate Planning & Potential Tax Mitigation for the Next Generation

  • Creating a more balanced & diversified portfolio designed for you

  • Alternative Investment Strategies

  • Building a Potential Tax-Free Investment Vehicle

  • Philanthropic Planning

  • Understanding & Having a Plan for “Single Stock Risk”

  • Maximizing the Growth of 401(k) Plans, Stock Plans and Outside Investments

That’s where LRVS can take on a trusted advisor role with pleasure for you.

Designing a 10B5-1 With Care and Confidence

If you find yourself in the position of having a certain amount of insider knowledge about the company’s stock plans due to your role or are subject to long blackout periods, an executive trading plan or 10B5-1 couldn’t be more critical in order to dispose of your options.

In this event, there’s great peace of mind to be had in relying on someone who has the depth of experience in properly designing 10B5-1 plans around the company stock’s vesting schedule and your tax bracket. And with its proper execution, LRVS has helped its clientele remove emotion by having a defined strategy around liquidation and diversification of company equity while always trying to mitigate tax as the tax code allows.

Creating a 10B5-1 Plan Case Study

Creating a 10B5-1 Plan Case Study

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Planning That’s Built For Your Financial Well-Being First.
That’s Always Our Strategy.

Finally, it’s no small aspect to say that LRVS operates as a fiduciary, which means we’re held to a higher standard to work only in your best interests. That’s true for where you are in life today and every stage of your life to come.

When you know that, you know you’re being advised on investments in the most customized way to accumulate wealth and protect your assets for the long term. Your interests come first before ours ever do. Period.

Planning That’s Built For Your Financial Well-Being First
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To see how LRVS has successfully worked with executives and professionals just like you to plan and grow their investments, view some of our case studies here. Then contact your Family CFO about a no-obligatory confidential consultation with one of the financial professionals from LRVS today.

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