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“We Have Many Ideas To Take Into Retirement.

What Obstacles Will We Encounter?

Wealth Management Strategies Tailored For You

Career advancement. Moving into a bigger home. Receiving large bonuses or company stock as part of your compensation. These should be positive things, shouldn’t they? Yet, if you’ve accumulated too much in company stock or are maxing out your 401(k) plan, your tax liabilities can grow substantially over time.

The solution? A wealth management advisor from LRVS who can map out your investment objectives, better leverage your company benefits and bring greater balance to your portfolio.

At LRVS, it starts with a distinctive financial planning process in which we gain an understanding of your risk tolerance and a deeper perspective on the destinations in life you want to reach. With this input in mind, our team can:

  • Analyze Your 401(k) Portfolio for Diversification Opportunities

  • Explore Alternative Investments that Offer Greater Flexibility and Growth

  • Lift the Burden of Investment Management Off Your Shoulders

From the very beginning of our relationship, you’ll feel better about LRVS bringing a stronger focus to your finances. But our process is about to address another major component – don’t forget, we also have tax implications to consider.

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Our Wealth Managers Speak the Language of Tax Efficiency

No pressure, but the financial decisions you make today could very well have an impact on your taxes now and in the future. Knowing that is apt to make anyone feel nervous about selecting the right vehicles for building and preserving wealth. What if you direct funds to an area of the investment landscape that also triggers accompanying tax issues?

Fortunately, you’re not dealing with these difficult questions alone. It’s why we’re here at LRVS to help minimize tax liability, seize the opportunity to harvest wealth out of your company’s benefits and identify unique paths to potential tax-free savings.

In fact, we’re not alone at LRVS either.

To provide a more integrated plan, the firm frequently introduces our clients to accountants and attorneys. When we bring them to the table so that their insights paired with our own, you’ll have a comprehensive team designed to see all the possibilities for tax optimization. Not to mention other areas such as investment, estate planning, savings and more.

Some Portfolio Management Firms
Just Make Your Money Work Harder. 

We believe LRVS is just that kind of portfolio management firm. Our approach factors in your different goals from retirement to college planning as we select investments, making your portfolio truly feel like it’s custom-made for you. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about it.

Juggling Your Financial Goals Case Study

Juggling Your Financial Goals Case Study

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Disciplined Portfolio Management Process

Our portfolio management process is research-driven and systematic.


On Going Monitoring


Advanced Systematic Rebalancing

Research And Analysis

Top-Down Analysis

Wealth Portfolio Management cycle

Portfolio Design

Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Design

Asset Allocation Target

Research And Analysis

Bottoms-Up Analysis

LRVS Disciplined Portfolio Management

We help you analyze the risk and return of financial decisions and consider questions such as:

  • What are the tax implications?

  • Where are we in the economic cycle?

  • What underlying market conditions are in play?

  • What alternative investments are available?

We then integrate your financial plan with ongoing portfolio management to achieve your short and long-term personal and financial goals.

Relationships Are Better Here.

To give you a glimpse of what we mean, we invite you to explore some of our case studies that describe LRVS’ numerous success stories in wealth building and optimization. Then contact your Family CFO about a no-obligatory confidential consultation with one of LRVS’ wealth managers today.

Relationships Are Better Here - Trusted Advisor

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